POST UPDATE (20/11/2020): A portion of the sales from the first batch of orders of my Christmas Cards for a Cause project is now being used to help victims of typhoon Ulysses in Cagayan Valley in the Philippines via AFPMP (Association of Filipino and French community in Toulouse). Thanks to all those lovely people who supported me on this charitable project! #paintingitforward

My online shop is up!

For now, I’m just selling postcard prints of Filipino themed Christmas greeting cards. But perhaps, later on, I will add my other watercolor artworks to be sold as prints as well. I do have some demands from friends for this.

Please do take the time to check them out. This is a personal project to make a donation to the Filipino-French association here in Toulouse for their various charitable projects in the Philippines. It’s always a good feeling to give back your blessings. It’s not only good karma, it’s good for the soul as well.

I have started selling them two weeks ago via facebook, and I’ve had so many orders from my lovely friends all over the world! It made me so happy how my project was so well-received, even by people I have not even seen for more than twenty years! It was very touching.

It’s always true that the people who are most blessed are the people who know that you get more when you give more. 🙂

So, please, please, please do take the time to check out my Christmas postcards for SALE!!!

Thanks, and have a good weekend! 🙂

La FĂȘte des mĂšres

Finally had some time to paint my daughter’s photo which was taken during a school performance when she was five years old.

Mother’s Day in France was surprisingly celebrated on the first weekend of June this year. I have always thought that Mother’s Day here always falls on the last weekend of May. It is a little late to talk about Mother’s Day but it’s better late than never.

La FĂȘte des mĂšres en France a Ă©tĂ© Ă©trangement cĂ©lĂ©brĂ©e la premiĂšre semaine de juin cette annĂ©e. J’ai toujours pensĂ© que la Fete des meres ici tombe toujours sur le derniĂšr weekend de mois de mai. Il est un peu tard pour parler de la fĂȘte des mĂšres, mais il vaut mieux tard que jamais.

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Taking time, time, time…

Taking time, time, time…

Starting now, I have decided to blog both in French and in English so that I can practice more written French and not lose this skill during these times of non-exposure to written French.

DĂšs maintenant, j’ai decidĂ© de faire mon blog en Français et en Anglais en mĂȘme temps pour que je puisse pratiquer mon Français Ă  l’Ă©crit et pour que je ne perde pas cette compĂ©tence pendant cette pĂ©riode oĂč mon occasion d’ecrire en Francais est bien limitĂ©.

What have you all been doing these days? As for me, since lockdown has ended here in our region in France, I have been able to visit some nice places close by. We are still limited to the distance we can travel, though.

Qu’avez-vous fait pendant ce temps? Moi, depuis la fin de la confinement ici dans notre rĂ©gion en France, j’ai visitĂ© quelques beaux endroits aux alentours. On peux dĂ©jĂ  se deplacer mais la distance est encore limitĂ©.

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End of Lockdown

It’s been almost two months since home quarantine started. Here in France, everybody’s going to be let out on 11th May. Not me, though. I’m not planning on going out there yet. I think it’s going to be crazeee!!!

What have people been doing during this time?

(image taken by yours truly during my trip to New York in the summer of 2017)
I suddenly have a lot of free time now, which I usually spend on holidays.
But with the travel constraint brought forth by the current crisis,
what am I going to do with all this free time?

For some like myself, I continued to work from home. It was challenging at times because of the additional work of my daughter’s home schooling, and house cleaning, which was usually handled by a hired cleaner.

We’ve obviously been missing out on a lot this year. Half of the year is almost over, and nothing much happened… except maybe set some small (or big) personal improvement goals.

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