Filipino-French Community Newsletter Web Site

Just a short blog here to let you know that I was appointed Editor in chief for the newsletter of the Filipino-French community (AFPMP – Amitiés Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées) here in Toulouse.

visit the newsletter web site:

This was a special request of the association’s president since the previous Editor in chief has resigned.

The old newsletter had always been sent via email on PDF, or published in the old defunct web site of the association.

For this year’s first issue, we have decided to create a web site for it.

The articles are mostly about the social gatherings of the association (personal and virtual), profiles of the members, and the charities in the Philippines that we support.

Here is one of my favorite articles that I have written myself, regarding the profiles of the members of our Watercolor Painting Meet-up:

Click here to read more about it.

My Indoor Plants

During the confinement period, like most people I know, I have rediscovered my love for plants. Particularly, the indoor kind. I suddenly crave for more greenery inside the house as a result of not being able to visit my favorite garden (Jardin Japonais) right next to my old office. I have accumulated quite a collection of them, some of which, I am about to obligingly enumerate in this blog post… starting with my beautiful tall plants…

Pendant la période de confinement, comme la plupart des gens que je connais, j’ai redécouvert mon amour pour les plantes. En particulier, celles d’intérieur. J’ai soudain envie de plus de verdure à l’intérieur de la maison, car je ne peux pas visiter mon jardin préféré (Jardin Japonais) juste à côté de mon ancien bureau. J’en ai accumulé toute une collection, dont certaines, que je m’apprête à énumérer obligeamment dans ce blog… à commencer par mes belles grandes plantes…

If you have read one of my previous blogs, you would have already seen my Bird of Paradise, which is a Mother’s Day gift by my husband and my daughter. It has grown a lot of new foliage now. It looks quite happy and healthy. I have not repotted it for fear that I might damage its roots. So far, it acclimatized quite well. To take care of this plant, you need to put it closest to the window and water it every three days, or so. Of course, I also wipe the leaves with disinfectant once a week because… why not? I do this for all my other plants as well. Seriously, it’s a good way to remove the dust so that it could absorb more sunlight, and helps ward off bugs at the same time.

Si vous avez lu l’un de mes précédents blogs, vous aurez déjà vu mon Bird of Paradise, un cadeau de mon mari et de ma fille pour la fête des mères. Il a maintenant beaucoup de nouveaux feuillages. Il a l’air très heureux et en bonne santé. Je ne l’ai pas rempoté de peur d’endommager ses racines. Jusqu’à présent, il s’est assez bien acclimaté. Pour prendre soin de cette plante, il faut la mettre le plus près possible de la fenêtre et l’arroser tous les trois jours environ. Bien sûr, j’essuie aussi les feuilles avec du désinfectant une fois par semaine parce que… pourquoi pas ? Je le fais aussi pour toutes mes autres plantes. Sérieusement, c’est une bonne façon d’enlever la poussière pour qu’elle puisse absorber plus de lumière du soleil, et cela aide en même temps à éviter les insectes.

Next on the list is my Red Abyssian Banana. The hubs saw this basking in the sun outside our favorite plants shop in a town nearby. He took a picture and sent it to me. It was love-at-first-sight. So I just had to get it. Like most bananas, it grows sooo fast. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We’d eventually have to plant it outside at the rate that it’s growing! But I really hope not coz it just looks so gorgeous inside the house.

Le prochain sur la liste est ma Red Abyssian Banana. Mon mari a vu cette banane se prélasser au soleil devant notre magasin de plantes préféré dans une ville voisine. Il a pris une photo et me l’a envoyée. C’était l’amour au premier regard. Il fallait donc que je la prenne. Comme la plupart des bananes, elle pousse si vite. Je n’en croyais pas mes yeux. Il faudrait qu’on la plante dehors au rythme où elle pousse ! Mais j’espère vraiment que ce ne sera pas le cas parce qu’elle est si belle à l’intérieur de la maison.

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Working in Aeronautics

Yesterday was my last day at work. It’s been almost two years since I fell in-love with this application that I have had the pleasure of working on as a Full Stack Developer.

Hier, c’était mon dernier jour de travail. Cela fait presque deux ans que je suis tombé amoureux de cette application sur laquelle j’ai eu le plaisir de travailler en tant que développeur Full Stack.

Those airplanes moving real-time on the airport map caught on radar and video cameras with a backdrop reminiscent of Star Wars is an intricate labor of love consisting of complex Math, the latest innovation in video analytics, and computing technology.

Ces avions se déplaçant en temps réel sur la carte de l’aéroport, capturés par des radars et des caméras vidéo avec un arrière-plan rappelant la Guerre des étoiles, est un travail d’amour complexe composé de mathématiques compliqué, de la dernière innovation en matière d’analyse vidéo et de technologie informatique.

I have always worked in (boring) banking applications but I have always dreamed of working in Aerospace… because… how cool is that?! It’s the ultimate in geekiness! Aeronautics is the closest thing to it. And everything was so new to me. It felt like starting from scratch. It was definitely challenging. But I made it, and it was ALL WORTH IT!

J’ai toujours travaillé dans des applications bancaires (ennuyeuses) mais j’ai toujours rêvé de travailler dans l’aérospatiale… parce que… c’est vraiment cool ! C’est le nec plus ultra du geekisme ! L’aéronautique est ce qui s’en rapproche le plus. Et tout était si nouveau pour moi. J’avais l’impression de repartir de zéro. C’était vraiment un défi. Mais j’ai réussi, et TOUT CA EN VALAIT LA PEINE!

La Fête des mères

Finally had some time to paint my daughter’s photo which was taken during a school performance when she was five years old.

Mother’s Day in France was surprisingly celebrated on the first weekend of June this year. I have always thought that Mother’s Day here always falls on the last weekend of May. It is a little late to talk about Mother’s Day but it’s better late than never.

La Fête des mères en France a été étrangement célébrée la première semaine de juin cette année. J’ai toujours pensé que la Fete des meres ici tombe toujours sur le dernièr weekend de mois de mai. Il est un peu tard pour parler de la fête des mères, mais il vaut mieux tard que jamais.

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Taking time, time, time…

Taking time, time, time…

Starting now, I have decided to blog both in French and in English so that I can practice more written French and not lose this skill during these times of non-exposure to written French.

Dès maintenant, j’ai decidé de faire mon blog en Français et en Anglais en même temps pour que je puisse pratiquer mon Français à l’écrit et pour que je ne perde pas cette compétence pendant cette période où mon occasion d’ecrire en Francais est bien limité.

What have you all been doing these days? As for me, since lockdown has ended here in our region in France, I have been able to visit some nice places close by. We are still limited to the distance we can travel, though.

Qu’avez-vous fait pendant ce temps? Moi, depuis la fin de la confinement ici dans notre région en France, j’ai visité quelques beaux endroits aux alentours. On peux déjà se deplacer mais la distance est encore limité.

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End of Lockdown

It’s been almost two months since home quarantine started. Here in France, everybody’s going to be let out on 11th May. Not me, though. I’m not planning on going out there yet. I think it’s going to be crazeee!!!

What have people been doing during this time?

(image taken by yours truly during my trip to New York in the summer of 2017)
I suddenly have a lot of free time now, which I usually spend on holidays.
But with the travel constraint brought forth by the current crisis,
what am I going to do with all this free time?

For some like myself, I continued to work from home. It was challenging at times because of the additional work of my daughter’s home schooling, and house cleaning, which was usually handled by a hired cleaner.

We’ve obviously been missing out on a lot this year. Half of the year is almost over, and nothing much happened… except maybe set some small (or big) personal improvement goals.

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Two weeks of lockdown

Disclaimer: This post is not guaranteed to make any sense. Just like what’s happening in the world nowadays.

It’s been two weeks since the lockdown on the entire country has been announced. The European Union has closed its borders to all other countries, and individual countries have closed their borders on countries with CovId-19 cases.

Attempting to be zen today — listening to an audiobook by Neil deGrasse Tyson and putting on this relaxing steam eye mask I bought from Watson’s in HongKong last December.
I miss traveling!

Honestly, I thought at first that I would be living my introverted self’s dream because of this lockdown. For me it meant more work from home, no more kissing the people in the office every day for greeting, and social distancing of at least one meter from the next person all the time! Wow! My wildest dream ever, coming into reality.

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